Rosa felt sad. Her grandmother’s death had brought out feelings she didn’t realize she had. But she remembered her duties in the funeral preparations. She needed gas, so she pulled her 2004 blue Toyota Tercel up to the pump at the Esso station, grabbed the nozzle, and filled her tank. 

As she pumped the gas into her car, the tears rolled silently down Rosa’s face as she remembered her grandmother’s easy laugh, her half-smile and the way a certain light entered her eyes when she was feeling mischievous. When Rosa misbehaved, her grandmother would turn on her heel and leave the room to let Rosa know she was in trouble and had displeased her grandmother. Rosa tried very hard to always please her grandmother.

After filling her gas tank, Rosa put the nozzle back in the holder, grabbed her purse from the car, and went inside to pay for her gas. She felt depressed as she thought about the funeral later that day. She knew she had to pick up the flowers by 2:00pm, and it was already 1:00. She only had an hour. Sighing heavily, and with a half-laugh remembering her grandmother’s insistence on punctuality, she got into the car and headed for the florist where the funeral flowers were waiting.