“I needed help and Kimmy came along through a social media posting. I sent my work to her, terrified that someone else would read it and think about it and give me feedback. I was completely horrified but elated, too. When you live as a student, life is on the cheap, never a full tank of gas, never sirloin steak, never new clothes off the rack of a boutique. Kimmy Beach is the best investment I’ve ever given to myself. A gift from me, to me. She saw what was good and real and didn’t make me feel small. She gave me the best of her experience, her humour, and her soul. Kimmy helped me see the cracks in my words, the way things don’t tumble but stumble. She gave me the answer to that daily question and the courage to believe that I can get it published.” — Norma Dunning, author of Annie Muktuk and Other Stories (The University of Alberta Press, 2017)

“Kimmy is a terrific reader, editor, literary advisor. She has a sharp eye, a wonderful sense of character, and a honed instinct for narrative flow. Her precise innovative response and suggestions energized my writing. Without Kimmy, my forthcoming collection of short fiction,
The Left-Handed Dinner Party (UAP 2017), would still be a pile of paper sitting in a drawer that I occasionally slid open and ruefully closed. The best thing I ever did was ask Kimmy to read it. With her help, my manuscript came alive for me again.” —Myrl Coulter, author of The House with the Broken Two (Anvil Press. Winner of the 2010 Writers Studio First Book Competition and the 2011 Canadian Authors Association Exporting Alberta Award), A Year of Days (The University of Alberta Press. INDIEFAB Book of the Year Awards / Foreword Reviews - Runner-up. Independent Publisher Book Awards, Bronze in Essay/Creative Non-Fiction - Winner), and The Left-Handed Dinner Party and Other Stories (The University of Alberta Press, 2017)

“Kimmy Beach is an excellent editor - thorough and sensitive to my style and goals I’ve found, having worked with her on Canadian Poetries and other projects.” —
Bruce Hunter, author of the award-winning Two O’Clock Creek (Acorn-Plantos Award for People’s Poetry) and In the Bear’s House (Canadian Rockies Prize at the Banff Mountain Book Festival)

“Kimmy Beach's editorial assistance was invaluable to me in the launching of
SubUrban Legends and Foreign Homes. Kimmy has a great eye for detail, an ear for rhythm, cadence, and sound, and an astonishing but grounded sense of the real, the lovely, and the gritty. One of Kimmy's greatest strengths is her ability to comprehend a manuscript in its entirety, and how individual poems work within it.” — Joan Crate, author of Black Apple (Simon and Schuster, 2015)

“Kimmy Beach is everything you'd want an editor to be: clear-sighted, generous, meticulous. But most importantly, she has the ability to get into the work and see where it's coming from—to meet it on its own terms.” — Shawna Lemay, author of
Asking and Rumi and the Red Handbag

"Kimmy Beach is my first approach whenever I feel I need a story proofed before I submit it to an editor or publisher. She's exceptionally fast to see anything that interferes with the flow of the story, an inconsistency in voice, or even unnecessary commas. I travelled to Crete to attend her writing workshop, and as I worked on my manuscript, her input and enthusiasm fuelled my writing such that in just a week I boarded my flight back home with over a hundred polished pages." —Kirsten Koza, author of Lost in Moscow (Turnstone Press), editor of Wake Up and Smell the Shit (Travelers’ Tales), journalist, storm chaser, and adventure writing retreat leader

“Kimmy’s insight and encouragement while I wrote my novel was invaluable. She’s not only a talented writer, but a generous, patient mentor, who, excuse my language, knows her shit! She won’t baby you, which is exactly what every writer needs. She gives insightful advice as well as the tools to become a better writer. Kimmy has something to teach every writer, no matter what stage of their career. She made a seemingly impossible task (yet another re-write) exciting and fresh. If you’re stuck, if you’re almost there and need a push, or even if you just need a little guidance, Kimmy Beach is your girl. I honestly can’t rave enough.” —Toni Maggio

“Kimmy Beach is a reader of rare generosity and insight. I am immensely grateful for her editorial eye on my manuscript,
Hidden City, which I am confident helped it to win the 2014 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry. In fact, it was Kimmy who encouraged me to develop Hidden City's early form into a book-length series after she spotted an early poem in filling Station. She believed in the work before I did! Her criticisms were clear and specific, with plenty of positive feedback, while still somehow never letting anything slide. Do your manuscript a favour and work with Kimmy." — Jeremy Stewart, author of (flood basement

“Kimmy unearthed underneath issues in my long poem — not snags in individual fragments (of course she did that too) but subtleties that reverberated throughout. The truly lovely part was that she didn’t fix my writing. She indicated what needed attention and gave me feedback on my responses.  Kimmy pointed out parts that worked and articulated the how and why of them. She was professional, friendly and generous.” —Nora Gould, author of
I See My Love More Clearly from a Distance (winner of the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry, and the Robert Kroetsch City of Edmonton Book Prize), and Selah (Brick Books, 2017. Shortlisted for the Stephan G. Stephansson Award for Poetry)

“Kimmy Beach worked with me to prepare a book proposal for submission.  Although I've been published in newspapers and magazines I have never faced the daunting process of seeking to get a book published.  Kimmy took enormous care in analysing and critiquing the work.  She showed great capacity to pay attention to the tiniest detail.  She delivered her criticisms with care and warmth and was hugely encouraging and engaging.  She also used her own experience writing and publishing books to make clear recommendations about where to go to seek a publisher.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a good, honest and reflective reader of their work.” Eoin Murray 

“I can ditto the comments of others regarding the way Kim handled the evaluation of my manuscript. Her integrity and respect for my work were impressive. I valued her feedback (copious notes) and her enthusiasm. Would I seek her input again? You betcha.” — Ruth Asher

“Kimmy is as knowledgeable and insightful as she is enthusiastic.  Her caring, her sense of story, and keen eye for detail helped me hone the first few chapters of my novel. She has given me a great gift:  the encouragement, support, and confidence to approach a publisher with my manuscript.” —
Sue Farrell Holler

“Kimmy Beach made my manuscript more condensed, cohesive...and joyful! She didn't overload me with edits, and the ones she offered just felt right—they were changes I hadn't been sure enough or brave enough to make until Kimmy. She returned my manuscript promptly, and even recommended a publisher she thought would resonate with my style.” — Angeline Schellenberg, author of
Tell Them it was Mozart (Brick Books, 2016. Winner of three Manitoba Writers’ Guild awards)

In spring 2014 I gave Kimmy a novel manuscript (The Bus) to read. I was a little anxious about it: I'd been working on the story for nearly six years and had rewritten it from scratch. Kimmy took her time reading through it, and then sent it back to me. To say that she was helpful would understate the case. Kimmy had penetrated the book's structure and thoroughly inhabited its world. As a result, her comments illuminated the book for me. Her suggestions addressed the crucial aspects of the book, and her unique encouragement--namely the "Holy fucks" sprinkled throughout the manuscript--spurred me to take the novel, and my writing, to another level. It was wonderful to work with her. — Dr. Adam Pottle, essayist, playwright, and author of Beautiful Mutants (shortlisted for the Acorn Plantos Award for People’s Poetry), Mantis Dreams (winner of the 2014 City of Saskatoon and Saskatoon Public Library Book Award), and The Bus (Quattro Books)

“Kimmy Beach went above and beyond in her engagement with my poetry manuscript,
Writing on Water. And, as I work toward publication, her insight, rare, valuable, and dead on, has provided me with exactly the kind of feedback I required. Beach is highly practised, knowledgeable, honest. Add to these qualities, her sharp editorial eye and her remarkable wit. Trust her with your work. I did!” — Anne Sorbie, author of Memoir of a Good Death: A Novel

“You were terrific, with lots of excellent suggestions and recommendations which when I applied to my writing improved the flow of the narrative. But best you were just really fun to work with. A great mentor and advisor for those struggling to see beyond the thousands of words, sentences and paragraphs.” —Janet Wilson

"I love that Kimmy Beach: mentor, creative ass-kicker, and coach. She's helped me take my prose manuscript back off the shelf. I admire her gifts as a poet because she's not plot-centric. She can see where the words are most resonant and move, not just the movement of action forward." — Nancy Johnston, PhD (Centre for Teaching and Learning, University of Toronto at Scarborough)

"When I met with Kimmy to talk about my poetry manuscript, one of the first things she said to me was 'Thank you for trusting me with your work.' But it was me who felt thankful to her for handling my writing with such skill, care and attention. She has a superb knack for spotting the things that aren't working in the writing, and also offers helpful suggestions on how to make it better. She is direct and honest with her feedback, but always kind, and her knowledge of the publishing industry was especially helpful to me at this stage. I asked what felt like a million questions, and she answered them all -- thoughtfully and always with a big smile on her face. She is sincere, experienced and an absolute pleasure to work with." — Kim Mannix

I hired the gorgeous Kimmy Beach to do a manuscript evaluation of the novel. Her generous and thoughtful evaluation was beyond any of my expectations. She is a joy to work with and I would like to highly recommend her services to all of my writing friends!” — Rayanne Doucet, author of Stained with the Colors of Sunday Morning (forthcoming from Inanna Press), and Fire Born: Book One of the Guardian Series, Soul Mate Publishing, writing as Rayanne Haines)